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~ The Yankee Flipper ~

If you wish to buy a Yankee Flipper squirrel-proof bird feeder, you are in good company, as it is the best selling bird feeder in the industry. The Yankee Flipper bird feeder is a weight-activated, motorized, battery operated birdfeeder that harmlessly spins the squirrels off a rotating perch.

Watching spinning squirrels might be fun, but don't expect to see it happen frequently. The squirrels rapidly learn to stay away from the feeder.

You can see the Yankee Flipper feeder in action by viewing the video on the manufacturer's site (Droll Yankee) right here. Don't forget the popcorn.

The Droll Yankee Flipper is a fairly large tubular bird feeder holding 5 lbs of seed. Welcome the Yankee Flipper in your garden and say goodbye to squirrels.

Even with squirrel damage in control with the Yankee Flipper, you may wish to reduce sparrow visits as well. Simply stop offering black sunflower seed and switch to white safflower (cathamus). The wide circular perch is a comfortable landing for desirable birds such as the northern cardinal, a bird that may adjust to safflower slowly, but often grows to prefer it.

~ The Yankee Whipper ~

The second best-selling birdfeeder in the Yankee Family is the Yankee Whipper. What's the difference between the Yankee Flipper and the Yankee Whipper?

The Yankee Flipper is motorized, while the Yankee Whipper is mechanical. Thus, the Yankee Whipper is less expensive than the Yankee Flipper. The Whipper doesn't spin the squirrels off the perch, rather, the squirrel's weight causes the perches to collapse and the furry creatures can't get a grip. Why is it called the "Whipper" if it's not whipping? That's because the four perches are arranged around the base and curve like small whips rather than poking straight out. These perches are meant to please the cardinal, a ground feeder that prefers to face a seed port rather than have it to its side.

Again, goodbye squirrels. The video on the manufacturer's site (Droll Yankee) shows both the Yankee Flipper and the Yankee Whipper at work discouraging squirrels from getting at the seed.

~ The Yankee Tipper ~

The third best-selling birdfeeder in the Yankee Family is the Yankee Tipper. Like the Yankee Whipper, the Yankee Tipper features all-mechanical action.

What makes the Yankee Tipper special is that the collapsible element is not a perch, but a platform, And it's a large, comfortable 10" platform made from clear plastic. Great for cardinals. Does the platform collapse for pigeons and other large birds that may be attracted to such an inviting landing area?

This may well depend on your local birds, but surely offering white safflower (carthamus) bird feed rather than the black sunflowers will attract cardinals at the expense of sparrows.

Again, being mechanical rather than motorized, the Yankee Tipper is less expensive than the Yankee Flipper.

~ The Yankee Dipper ~

Last but not least, is Droll Yankee's Yankee Dipper. With small, collapsible perches coming out at right angles it excludes large bidrs and is best suited for small songbirds such as goldfinches and chickadees, birds that are fond of niger (thistle) seed. However, when feeding the smaller songbirds thistle, millet or black sunflower, sparrows are more of a concern than squirrels.

yankee flipper

Recommended Feeding Practices

Though the birds come readily to feeders dispensing black sunflower seeds or white millet, you might feed 200 sparrows, pigeons, squirrels and grackles for every cardinal visitor! So once the squirrels are taken care of, feeding desirable birds becomes about keeping out the more aggressive birds (grackles and cowbirds) and introduced species (sparrows, pigeons and starlings)

Many backyard bird feeders wishing to favour the cardinal have switched to safflower seed (looks like a small, cream-colored sunflower seed), whose bitter taste puts off many undesirable bird species as well as squirrels.

Before becoming wildly excited about safflower seed, it should be pointed out that the cardinals do not have an initial preference for this unfamiliar food, and may take some time to get used to it, but will eventually eat it, especially when they realize that they have the feeder to themselves, save for the occasional chickadee or blue jay! When offering a "second choice" food, it becomes more important that the feeder be well situated and comfortable. That's where the Yankee Flipper and the Yankee Whipper come into play. These bird feeders can be hung from a tree and be safe from squirrels. Since cardinals like to approach feeders from the safety of dense, low shrubs and bushes, they will soon be attracted by the great location and ornithologically correct, welcoming perches of the Yankee Flipper and the Yankee Whipper

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