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~ Texas or Scarlet Sage, Salvia coccinea ~

Commonly encountered cultivars include the hummingbird-magnet, firy red 'Lady-in-Red' as well as the light pink and white 'Coral Nymph' and 'Cherry Blossom'. 'Lady-in-Red' is an annual, floriferous, drought-resistent and easily grown essential component of a successful hummingbird garden. A generous expanse of 'Lady-in-Red' is sure to attract those winged jewels!

The named variety grows more compact and shorter (45 cm) than the wild type (>60 cm). If you collect your own seeds, you might notice a tendency for taller, broader plants; these are in fact better, allowing hummingbirds better access to individual flowers.

Scarlet Sage grows best in full sun, but will tolerate a bit of shade. It will re-seed, without becoming invasice, in the warmest parts of Canada (zone 7).

Easily grown from seed, may even prematuraly bloom indoors when grown under ligths. Hardens easily. It is available in flats for spring planting from the better garden centers.

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Scarlet Sage Seed Suppliers

Thompson and Morgan - Lady-in-Red offered. Ships to Canada.

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