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~ Phragmipedium 'Lutz Rollke' ~

Phragmidium are amongst the easiest orchids to grow and flower, providing that they are given frequent bi-weekly of chlorine-free water. Some species and hybrids are fickle and might grow slower or be vulnerable to disease, but in general Phragmipedium do very well in the home.

In Canada, Phragmipedium benefit some supplemental, artificial lighting during winter. In the summer, they will prefer a cool spot and they may suffer from heat stress, especially hybrids that include Phrag. caudatum in their parentage.

They are not particular about potting medium and standard orchid potting bark mix works very well. Some growers have experimented successfully with sphagnum moss, cocnut fibre, and tree fern fiber.

Phrags may be divided every two years but unless you wish to share or increase your stock, you might prefer to allow them to grow into a large clump that will send several growing stems at once and produce spectacular displays.

It's better to dispense a half-dose of fertilization twice as often as recommended. Add the fertilizer to water, and allow to stand for 24 hours to allow the cholrine to evaporate before using.

Featured here is Phragmipedium 'Lutz Rollke,' a hybrid with Phrag. bessae 'flavum' in its parentage, responsible for the soft yellow glow of the flower. Phrag. boisserianum confers the curly sepals and its pale coloring leaves plenty of room for the yellow to shine through.

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