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~ Itoh Peonies ~

After growing Bartzella, Julia Rose, Garden Treasure and Kopper Kettle, Itoh peonies that are widely available on the horticulture market, for several years, they are now ripe for comparison and evaluation.

Julia Rose - This peony is NOT recommended. While floriferous, the flowers are small, barely double, and generally unkempt. The color is a dull cream with dusty brick rose, a strange tertiary color which clashes with every other flower, and thus cannot suffer their proximity. It can only be used as a solitary specimen where normal flower colors would be undesirable.

Kopper Kettle - Sometimes spelled 'Copper Kettle,' the flower comparable to 'Julia Rose,' only larger, more double, with bold red petal bases and some subtle red streaking. The red center saves this one from being as dull as Julia Rose. Not extremely floriferous.

Garden Treasure - Large, beautiful yellow flowers, but unfortunately, very short, and weak stemmed, such that the blooms fall over and rest on the grass around the plant.

Bartzella - Bartzella has been by far the best perfomer. Although slow to mature, its very tall and erect stems sport extra-large, plate-sized very double flowers.

garden treasure peony

julia rose peony

copper kettle peony

bartzella peony

kopper kettle peony

Canadian Peony Links

The Peony Database - Multilingual photographic and registration database of peony cultivars.
Planteck - Young plants of highly desirable Itoh cultivars can be obtained at a fraction of the cost from this micropropagator.
Pivoinerie D'Aoust - Eclectic selection of lovely peonies.
Pivoines Capano - Nice selection from Quebec grower includes Itoh cultivars.
Fraser's Thimble Farms - BC producer.

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