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~ Daylilies of the Montreal Botanical Gardens ~

The Montreal Botanical Garden features a lovely collection of old daylily cultivars, as well as a few new ones, decorating the edges of a brook in large, colorful masses.

Such generous plantings bring out qualities different from seeing just a single bloom.

For instance, 'Bertrand Farr,' with its thin white stripes on a cherry red background and average size, is not terribly impressive when seen alone, but the repeated wheel spoke motif is a real stand out in the green foliage, and draws the eye from quite a distance.

'Coeur Atout' is the product of a local hybridizer (Les jardins Osiris) and is now difficult to obtain. The bright cherry red heart is set in a clear, saturated orange. 'Eye-Yi-Yi' ha similar qualities and is a desirable substitute. From the same hybridizer, the glowing orange 'Dehara.'

'Heavenly Touch' is, like 'Disraeli' (a Moldovan hybrid dating back 1976), still a stand out medium pink with good height.

The luminous, flashy fuschia of 'Gala Greetings' imposing blooms and regal scapes (a Wild hybrid from 1969) has lost none of its appeal with time. The lighter water mark and median stripe further bring out the superlative background color. 'Georgette Beldon' has similar qualities, just more purplish and with a sharp green heart.

'Neal Berrey' (Sikes 1985), a Stout Medal winner, is a relatively recent hybrid when compared to the remainder of the Montreal Botanical Garden daylily collection, and the clump still only consists of a few plants. The large, heavily frilled flowers, are best appreciated up close.

'Orange Vols' is a glowing orange with light median stripes. At the time of my visit, a single bloom was opened.

The Garden has few miniatures, and 'Pixie Parasol' is one of them. Small frilled flowers are held at just the right height above thin, delicate foliage.

'Red Volunteer' is a another cultivar that has endured, and is still a favorite today. Featuring very large blooms on tall scapes, red leaning a smidgen towards pink, lighter median stripes, 'Red Volunteer's colorthat is amazingly clear and loses none of its intensity even when viewed from afar.

'Snowy Apparition,' more cream than snow, and not the whitest daylily on the market, was the whitest at the Gardens.

'Wayside King Royal' with its oversized purple bloom, makes a nice example of what a showy purple can do for a garden.

'Dancing Shiva' does not increase rapidly, but its glowing pink color is unique amongst daylilies.

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Betrand Farr

Coeur Atout



Gala Greetings

Georgette Beldon

Heavenly Touch

Neal Berrey

Orange Vols

Pixie Parasol

Red Volunteer

Red Volunteer (closeup)

Dancing Shiva

Snowy Apparition

Wayside King Royal

Gala Greetings

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