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~ Dahlia 'Stagazer' ~

Gardeners with a fondness for cactus flowers, especially cactus-flowered dahlias, will welcome the 'Stargazer' dahlia seed strain.

Named cactus-flowered dahlia varieties available for purchase as tubers tend to be tall and require stalking and pinching to force branching. 'Stargazer,' being dwarf, is a fantastic way to enjoy cactus-flowered dahlia without all the maintenance.

Bushy, well-branched, vigorous and growing uniformly to 30 cm, they are better suited for the flower bed than the container. The starry, 8 cm flowers come in a rainbow that includes bicolors, single wagon-wheels, semi-doubles and the occasional full double. The seed mix is full of lovely and unexpected combinations and surprises.

'Stargazer' is easy to grow from seed, harden and transplant. The fun part of growing dahlia from seed, especially such an unusual and varied one, is that the very best can be dug up in the fall and the tubers stored for replanting the following spring - no need to say 'goodbye' to your favorites when frost arrives. Blooms from mid-summer to fall.

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In pink

A coral double

A hot pink semi-double

A grouping

A red wagon wheel


Dahlia 'Stargazer' Seed Suppliers

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