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~ Coral Peonies ~

'Coral Sunset,' 'Coral Charm,' 'Coral and Gold' and 'Coral Supreme' were all grown in similar conditions and near each other, and their garden performance was evaluated and compared. ALL coral peonies fade to cream quite noticeably.

Coral Sunset - Somewhat darker pink than 'Coral Charm,' the semi-double 'Coral Sunset' has very weak stems here, though I have seen this cultivar stand very straight in the grower's field on overall shorter plants than I have observed. Here they fall to the ground as fast as the heaviest of double-flowered peonies.

Coral Charm - Flowers open a few days later than the rest of the corals. Registered at 36", 'Coral Charm' grows here significantly taller than the other corals under the same conditions. The stems are very erect, and the semi-double flowers have a beautiful lotus shape with its cuppped petals. +It is both vigorous and floriferous. Its blooms consistently open a few days after 'Coral Supreme.'

Coral and Gold - This cultivar features a tremendously distinctive, dark coral single flower with attractive stamens and a perfect cup shape. It is quite perplexing that this single-flowered cultivar, growing between 'Coral Supreme' and 'Coral Charm' in essentially the same growing conditions, has stems bowing to the ground. The blooms are especially ephemerous, the petals are shed soon after opening.

Coral Supreme - Flowering a few days earlier than 'Coral Charm,' it is taller by 10 centimeters, somewhat fuller, and a smidgen darker, qualities that make this cultivar the king of the corals. really .

Among these 4 coral peonies, I would recommend 'Coral Supreme' as the best, and 'Coral Charm' a very close second, especially if you like your peonies on tall stems.

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