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~ Aladdin's Turban and Turk's Turban Ornamental Squash ~

Turk's Turban and Aladdin's Turban (a smaller Turk's Turban) are fascinating, grotesque and appealing winter squash varieties. but their splendid shape and gaudy colors lend themselves well to Halloween decorations, Thanksgiving table centerpieces and art.

Though edible, their are not known for their great taste, and as tempting as it may be, they are not gourds and thus are not suitable for drying. They are best utilized in fresh arrangements lasting several months.

The trailing vines are extremely vigorous, and will root at the leaf nodes. They require considerable water, fertilizer, and full sun exposure. Mulching may be useful for the soil to retain water. Very large, scented yellow flowers are produced and are assiduously visited by a great variety of pollinators. Remember than most flowers are male, pollen-bearing flowers on tall stems that will not set fruit. The female flowers are set on squat stem and fewer in number.

A fun part of growing Aladdin's and Turk's Turban is to watch the squash grow and the development of colors and patterns. The fruits tend to ripen with the "hat" part facing down into the ground. If you turn them around at this time you risk breaking the stem and wasting the squash.

Keep the area free of weeds and hiding places to reduce the probability of rodent damage. Turk's Turban is a magnet for the cucumber beetle, as a result of which it might be affected by bacterial wilt. The vines are extremely strong, and a generous hobby crop can be had without insect control. Harvest the squash before frost, when the stems dry and turn brown.

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Ripening Turk's Turban

Growing Aladdin's Turban

Full of bugs!

Sizes of Aladdin's (small) and Turk's (large) Turbans
A generous crop


A fine gourd

A Photo Essay

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